Pairing Pumps and High Heels With Jeans

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Pumps and high heels are one of a kind. They are extremely glamorous and help in making one look stylish and classy. They help in making legs look sexy and also make you look and feel tall as well as beautiful.

Jeans are loved by everyone. They are the most comfortable casual wear and are never out of trend. Be it skinny, leggings, jeggings, boot cut or straight, jeans can be found in every wardrobe and are worn every season.  No matter what kind of pumps or heels you’re wearing (including glitter pumps of course!) you can probably get away with pairing them up with jeans for a great look. Here’s some good suggestions for you to get started…

Invest in a quality, versatile pair of jeans. Go to a credible boutique or department store that offers a variety of jeans. Buy a style in a dark wash, such as gray, black or blue for a more flattering look. Choose a brand with a stretchy material that forms nicely to your body shape and hugs the ankles. Ask the sales representative which types of jeans are the best- sellers and for individualized recommendations. Keep in mind that you plan to wear your jeans with high heels or pumps. Purchase a pair of heels or pumps, or choose a pair from your current collection. Wear the jeans with high heels or pumps and maximize the silhouette with sky- high legs in a super- lean look. Choose a feminine, high-heel style with 2- to 4- inch spike heels, like pointy- toed stilettos, peep- toe heels or strappy sandals. Avoid wedges, booties and shoe varieties that are chunky and heavy with material.

Have the jeans altered to your height such that the hems should not drag on the ground or end above the ankle. Pair it with an appropriate top if you are petite or thin, go for skinny jeans or leggings. If you are broad, or a plus size, then go for peep- toe heels or pump shoes along with boot cut or straight jeans as they tend to limit the look of wide hips.

There are different types of heels that can be worn with jeans, like cone shaped, wedge heels, prism heels and stilettoes. Cone is a round and broad heel and it meets at the sole narrows towards the point of contact with the ground. It is perfect for casual wear. Prism shaped heel is three flat sides which form a triangle at the point of contact with the ground. Wedge shaped heel occupies the entire space under the arch and heel portion of the foot. It is perfect to be worn with capris. And finally stilettos- tall, slim heel with minimum height of 3 inches and no more than 0.05 inch diameter at the point of contact with the ground.

Pumps are great for any outfit. They are affordable, comfortable, chic and can be worn anywhere, anytime. They can be in glitter or plain looking. Glitter pumps add a certain chic touch to the outfit. They can make any boring looking outfit look classy and fashionable. Plain pumps too can be worn anywhere but unlike glitter pumps, they can be worn to workplace and other workplace occasions.

So team them with a good pair of jeans and look glamorous and beautiful.

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