More Ways to Make Any Pair of Shoes Sparkle!

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Anything that sparkles is always worth catching eye. And what else but a good, sexy, sparkling pair of shoes does that? There are an ample number of options available in shoes that sparkle and glitter.

Party or no- party, it is always best to dress up in appropriate clothing with a ‘personality- enhancing’ pair of sparkling shoes. There are so many different (call it erratic or unique!) ways to make a pair of shoes sparkle.

If you have sandals, boots or even sneakers, you can always re- design them with your jewellery that is there, you are right, in your drawer. These small pieces of jewellery look amazing if they are designed with rubies and sapphires. Of course, you can always sparkle your shoes with false jewellery stones. These stones are inexpensive and look almost real to anyone. You just have to make them glued on to the shoes. Plus they look good if you wear jewelleries of the same colored stone and proper outfit.

There is always an option of spray paint. Be it canvas, a piece of cloth or even a pair of shoes, fill up a can with bright sparkling glitter and spray up and down your shoes. Make sure to fill them with lots of paper and stick papers with the help of a duct tape at the soles of the shoes. After spraying the glitter, and doing it on one shoe at a time, make sure to dry up that shoe and then spray about a couple of polyurethane sealer on them. This would make the glitter stay on the shoes. If spraying option is not convenient, then you can always use a small brush and some glue. Apply some glue on the shoe and  with the help of the brush, dab some glitter.

Cut small pieces (like in the form of stripes or stars etc.) of cloth/ fabric and apply some glitter or stones to them. Paste these pieces on shoes.

You can always paint your cloth- made shoes with the help of fabric paint and sprinkling some powdered glitter over them. If you do not want to change the look of your shoes, then you can only change the look of your heels by using these methods.

These methods definitely look good on sandals and boots alike. But for sneakers (that are sometimes confusing to be experimented upon), there are a few but unique techniques to make them sparkle.

Sneakers have their own look. They look casual as well as trendy. So, many hesitate to turn them into something that might make them look too flashy and cheap. But there are some ways that can make them look different.

Clean your sneakers before you begin. Then make small designs on them and add glue to them. Sprinkle powdered glitter over them and shake off the excess glitter from the shoes. Let them dry. Since sneakers are mostly made of cloth, you can always use good colored fabric paints on them to give them a different look in less time.

In fact there are some tools available (like punching and crafting tools), that help in turning your shoes into sparkling ones. Try out some of these amazing techniques to make your shoes as sparklingly beautiful as possible.

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