Glitter Pumps DIY – Cheap & Easy Do It Yourself Sparkly Shoes!

Glitter Pumps DIY

It is easy to turn a boring pair of regular pumps into sparkling, new, glittery and sexy looking pumps at home. You just have to go out, spend a few bucks on the elements required and get started. It is not necessary to be extra creative or crafted in order to do it. Anyone who has a penchant for colors and shimmery substances can do it in no time.

So let’s take a look at our favorite glitter pumps do it yourself tricks!

First step is to get a pair of shoes that you want to change. A simple pump shoe would suffice. Make sure it is of the right size, style and clean. Most recommended would be leather pump shoe. They work great in terms of style and also hold glue and other shimmery substances good. Make sure the shoes are extremely clean, both inside and outside.

Next is to get a glittery substance like powdered glitter. Powdered glitter comes in single as well as multiple colors. Select one which you think would go with maximum number of outfits. It is good if the powder is a bit larger in size so it helps in sticking on the shoe. Also check whether it is suitable for the material of your shoe or not. Along with this take a good, small brush and a glue.  Check whether the glue holds the glitter properly or not and whether it is suitable for your shoe.

Next spread large sheets of paper/ newspaper on the ground. Making glitter pumps is quite a messy task, with all the glitter and glue involved. So you need to be careful.

Glitter should reach only to a point where it is wanted. For this, use a masking tape to cover the sole and tip of the heel completely. Do this in a strip- by- strip way until the entire sole of the pump shoe is covered, and snip off any pieces that fold onto the shoe itself. If there are  heels and they come with laces, bows or any other external elements, remove these temporarily to avoid them getting the glitter.

Now aim for an even coat of glitter. Before this, add glue and quite a large quantity of powdered glitter and mix them well.  With the help of a brush, try applying one coat over the surface at a time. Then go down the heel. Set is aside to dry. Apply another coat and let it dry. Continue doing this till you get an even coat. You can even sprinkle some loose powder over the wet surface or you can remove the excess glitter by shaking the shoe gently. After it gets completely dried, apply a coat of glue minus the glitter so that the coat remains fixed on the shoe. Remove the masked tapes from the shoe after the glue too dries.

You can also use a spray can to spray glitter on the shoe. Apply a glue and then spray some glitter. If you do not have spray glitter, then you can simply sprinkle some on it. But it might make your hands a bit messy.

Here’s a great video on DIY Glitter Pumps:

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