Beginners Guide to Walking in Heels

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It is never too late for parties. And it is never too late to grace your feet with those wonderful magical high heels. Apart from adding some spice to your outlook, it also makes you feel tall, confident and beautiful. I know, many of you might be thinking it to be too difficult to walk in a pair of heels or it would be even more embarrassing if you lose balance. But imagine about the transformation the heels would make on you. So, here is a complete guide to let the beginners know how to walk in heels.

  • Starting with small heels: If you are a first- timer in wearing heels, start with something as small as a 1- or a 2-inch heel. Practice walking in these heels and gradually you will start becoming comfortable to higher inch heels.
  • Take small steps: Since balancing is a bit difficult in the beginning, start by taking few but small steps. It is advisable not to plunge into taking big steps as this could cause imbalance and injury to the feet. Start by placing your heel first on the ground and then your toes, not vice versa and especially not with your legs wide apart from each other as this makes one look sloppy.
  • Walk in a straight line: Always remember to place one foot in front of the other in a straight line. You cannot copy catwalk models in the first attempt itself. So take some time, practice carefully following a straight line and when standing, put the heel of the front foot at an angle such that it slightly touches the middle portion of the other foot.
  • Wear as much as possible: Even when you are indoors, try wearing and practicing before you flaunt them outdoors. It is better to be ‘dancing’ indoors than ‘tripping’ outdoors.
  • Practice on different textured surfaces: It is extremely important to walk comfortably on all surfaces. Be it wooden, carpet or marble floors, walking on each floor would help you in walking more confidently on any given surface.
  • Dance!: Once you yourself feel the confidence and urge to do some more, take turns and stop. Step forward and backward, sideways and swirl around twice and stop.
  • Do not forget the stairs: Many women tend to get scared of taking the stairs when in high heels. Stairs are equally important to be practiced upon and so start walking up the stairs carefully by putting the ball of the foot first i.e., the area just below your toes and step up. Similarly while going down, place entire foot on one stair and the next foot on the next stair.
  • Walking in perfectly fit shoes: Make sure your shoes are comfortable. Discard if they are a mismatch. Properly cushion them from inside.
  • Do not overdo: Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must always give your feet some rest in the midst of walking in high heels. It is advisable to take a five minute break every twenty minutes to remove your shoes and gently massage your feet.

High Heels
So, now you know how to wear and walk in heels, are you ready to tango?

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