All About Glitter Pumps & High Heels!

Glitter pumps & high heels are everybody’s favorite. We've created this site to give you the ultimate resource on how to wear this sparkly style. We've got tips on what to wear with them, where to find cheap styles, what colors look the best & how to make your own glittery heels at home! Let's get started with our thoughts on why we love glitter pumps and what you should and should not wear them with.

Glitter Pumps & High Heels

What to Wear with Glitter Pumps

Glitter pumps are like magnets. They attract everybody’s attention. So, they should always be teamed up with something that enhances their look and makes them sparkle through one’s personality. It is important to keep in mind that whatever is worn, should not be too flashy and should not clash with the look of your shoes as they are themselves known to be eye catching accessories.

For casual look, first choice is a pair of jeans. Along with that, you can wear a nice bright colored tee or tank top. If it is summer, then you can also include a hat that is compatible with the color of at least one item of your clothing. You can also swing in a handbag of the exact color of your clothing or a complete contrast. This way the bag won’t look ‘out- of place’. Avoid carrying handbags that are ‘nearly’ the same (instead of exact) color as that of your clothes. You can even use a pair of denim shorts or full length printed pants with a sweater and light jewelry.

No matter your signature style, glitter pumps are a trend that sees a continuous evolution. When styling your glitter shoes, it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit toned down. Especially with a flat, try to dress as though your shoes are not glitter at all. The effect will be an awesome pop of wow in an unexpected place. For non- casual wear, highlight a pair of glitter heels or platform pumps with a short and frilly dress. Stay away from outfits that are too form fitting, the effect can be a little too loud and perhaps too desperate for attention. All eyes are going to be drawn to your feet, so be sure to lead them up your bare legs with a cute little dress or skirt. Skinny jeans and a short black mini skirt also make a great alternative when showing off your sparkling shoes.

You're sure to come across different styles that have belts/straps on them. You can wear one of those and also add a belt on your waist. Glitter pumps and belts look completely chic.

You must opt for minimal make up and try to avoid, dark, shimmer or glitter make up on face. Because you would obviously want your shoes to get noticed, so you must include such elements in your look that do no snatch away any attention from your feet.

Glitter pumps have the ability to add that tinge of sparkle to any outfit and thus can be worn with almost anything, anywhere. These shoes are timeless and make even boring looking outfits look stylish and fashionable. They have the magic to jazz up any outfit at any given time. Be it a cocktail dress, or a skirt, dress or a cool pair of jeans, just grab one of those glitter pumps and walk with your head held high and make everyone around you jealous.

Notice how we say, almost anything! There are a few things you should never do while wearing glitter pumps which we will cover next!
Glitter Pumps Faux Pas

Glitter pumps are a must have in everybody’s wardrobe. They look good with almost every outfit that is worn. They enhance the outfit’s look and elegance and thus add a bit of class and chic to one’s personality. However there are a few dos and don’ts that you’ll want to take into consideration.

So here are some tips and pointers on what never to wear with glitter pumps!

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Glitter Pumps DIY

It is easy to turn a boring pair of regular pumps into sparkling, new, glittery and sexy looking pumps at home. You just have to go out, spend a few bucks on the elements required and get started. It is not necessary to be extra creative or crafted in order to do it. Anyone who has a penchant for colors and shimmery substances can do it in no time.

So let’s take a look at our favorite glitter pumps do it yourself tricks!

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